Top WordPress Resources for Creative Professionals and Hobbyists

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Whether you’re an artist or designer looking to grow an online portfolio, a craft hobbyist wanting to share inspirational tutorials, or a handmade seller hoping to promote your products, a WordPress website is a fantastic solution. WordPress is one of the most affordable and effective ways for creative professionals, sellers, and hobbyists to market their ventures online. 

Once you’ve determined the best web hosting service for you and sorted other basics, it’s time to add the bells and whistles to get the most from your WordPress website. With that in mind, here are the top WordPress resources for creative professionals and hobbyists. Get ready to increase your content views, optimize user experience, and increase your handmade products’ sales.  

Design Resources

It’s common knowledge in the digital marketing sphere that online content (be it web, social media, or blog) with imagery outperforms content without visuals. Graphics and photos attract social media scrollers to your post, help to hold readers’ interest throughout your blogs, and establish your website’s tone. As such, it’s worth adding eye-catching visuals to your WordPress website and within blog posts. 

For the professional designers in the room, this is, of course, your wheelhouse. However, if you’re not a whizz on the design front (or even if you are), external resources can be of considerable benefit. Consider downloading professional resources like online graphic design bundles and relevant stock photos from websites like Unsplash.com for free. 

Product Photography 

Here’s another exciting factoid for creative sellers; consumers are more likely to purchase a product when listings include photos. Building upon this further, potential customers also gravitate toward photos showing products in real-life settings — e.g., your latest mug design placed on a desk surrounded by plants and stationery. Browse sites like SkillShare or Udemy for product photography courses and learn how to take high-quality pictures of your creations. 


Here’s a top tip: 

Once you have made images for your WordPress site and blog content, reuse them for your social media accounts. 

Pinterest Resources

Pinterest is a happy mix between a social media platform and a visual search engine, making it a useful marketing tool. Like anything, specific niches perform better in this online space than others — art, craft, design, and other creative pursuits have consistently performed well since the early days of the platform. Creative professionals and hobbyists should aim to optimize their WordPress website and blog content for Pinterest.

There are a few ways to go about this; you could use a plugin like Social Warfare to enable website visitors to share your content across selected social media platforms, including Pinterest. You could also use the jQuery Pin It Button so that the phrase “Pin It” appears over images. As Pinterest is a visual platform, Pinners save content via onsite imagery, and this is a handy way to encourage visitors to pin your content.   


A further measure to optimize your WordPress content for Pinterest includes designing images explicitly with the platform in mind. Try a graphic design platform like Canva to help. Canva has free templates that you can customize for your WordPress content. Place these images throughout a blog post to remind readers to share them via Pinterest. Take this opportunity to link back to previous content. 


Creative professionals and hobbyists will likely share many more images (in process pictures or portfolio images, for example) on their WordPress site than other niches. As discussed in the design resources section, photos or graphics will need to be high-quality to showcase your work better; this means larger file sizes. 

Unfortunately, an abundance of large image files can slow down a WordPress website. A slow website makes for a terrible user experience, and it won’t take visitors long to leave your site. A healthy website speed is also crucial for SEO, determining how well your site ranks in search engine results. 

While it’s tempting to upload smaller images in the first instance, they can look fuzzy and low quality. Meaning your work or products will look low rate, and that’s a quick way to lose people’s interest and custom. Thankfully, a WordPress plugin like Smush will reduce file sizes to improve website speed without compromising image quality. 

Here are some top tips: 

Use the ‘Bulk Smush’ feature to compress images in bulk, and change the plugin settings to allow automatic compression — this means every time you upload a photo to your site, Smush will optimize it automatically.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a must-have plugin for any WordPress user. It’s user-friendly traffic light system makes it easy for WordPress users to optimize their web content and blogs for SEO and readability. A solid SEO strategy will help you increase visitors to your website, and accounting for readability keeps information easy to digest, meaning visitors will stay onsite longer. 

Yoast SEO also makes it incredibly easy to verify your site on Google and other search engines using the Web Tools verification options. By doing this, you can access your website’s search data, a significant step to analyzing and improving your content strategy. The plugin also has a setting to help you claim and confirm your website on Pinterest so that you can:

  • View your Pin analytics
  • Help pinners easily find more of your content
  • Have a profile picture displayed on Pins from your website 
  • Increase profile authority with the globe ticked icon and ‘Follow’ button 

WordPress Themes

When a visitor lands on your site, you only have a few seconds to gain and then keep their attention. A good website theme will help you achieve this in the short time frame required. Themes dictate the appearance of a website, including layout, color scheme, or font styles. Even if you’re not a web tech expert, a theme can help you customize your website without coding. 

You can find many high-quality themes through WordPress for free. However, you can also purchase them from sites like Etsy or Themeforest. A WordPress theme like Astra is a fantastic choice for graphic designers, artists, or illustrators. In contrast, CraftBird from templatemonster.com is perfect for handmade bloggers and sellers. Whichever theme you choose, make sure it is visually pleasing, responsive, loads quickly, and is easy to navigate.

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