The Most Practical Apps for iPhone

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Top 5 Practical Apps for iPhone

Buzz Player

The biggest disappointment related to the iPhone and iPad after Apple was the company’s stubbornness to allow them to run only few multimedia formats. Buzz Player comes to solve precisely this problem. With a very large database of codecs, any file copied on the device, wired – through iTunes, or wirelessly – via a web browser, can be played smoothly. Among the advantages of this player over other alternatives include the ability to access files from the local network, FTP server, Samba and UPnP. Not ruled out support for subtitles (SUB, SRT, SMI) and if you have a little tormented likely to not miss any diacritics from subtitles. In terms of high-res content played on an iPhone 4, Buzz Player manages to play 720p MKV files without problems.


Even if AppStore is full of social applications, video chat or instant messaging VIBER manages to stay on the top thanks to few interesting elements. Going on the premise that you do not have to make a unique account, your ID being actually the phone number, you do not need to define a password and give your email address or other information that we are increasingly reluctant to provide. The fact that the telephone number stored in a database means VIBER users do not even have to ask friends if they use this service, only fill in the application and see which of your contacts have the application installed.

Dragon Dictation

We live in the fast world and we could really use an app that writes text in a more efficient and correct manner than by simple input. Dragon Dictation works only when connected to the internet (WiFi or 3G) and has a very efficient conversion ratio of voice to text in 8 different languages.

Find My iPhone

With firmware version, 4.2.1 Apple has made Find My iPhone service of Mobile Me in a free component, separate from other functions. Basically, any user of iPhone 4/5, iPad or iPod Touch 4G, just need to add registered mail accounts on your device, a Mobile Me account, where you use the same username and password as the AppStore, then to activate Find My iPhone service. From that point, you have two options, either to use the same name to check the location of your portable GPS / WiFi or login on their site with the same username and password that you use to access any other Apple service. Besides the tracking function, Find My iPhone allows you to block a particular terminal and delete all of its content remotely.

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Even if Apple refused to include a dedicated service for editing Word, Excel, PowerPoint or even TXT, shortly after the launch of AppStore many apps came to solve the problem. QuickOffice is very old on other platforms, being best known for its Symbian version, but on iOS it also manages to a great job in helping your write or edit Excel, Word and TXT documents. To put files on which you see in QuickOffice so you can use file transfer function in iTunes, and access the iPhone’s IP from your favorite browser on port 8080.

Regarding editing functions on a small screen, such as the one of iPhone, you will certainly not have problems after a short period of adaptation.

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