Simple Steps That You Can Use To Protect Your Android Phone

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It is a fact that nowadays android enabled phones are under attack by viruses. In addition to that, the main threat against android phones malware is unauthorized users who hack and get access to all the information on your phone. As an Android user, you may be worried of this increasing malware scare which puts your information at risk of getting into the hands of scammers and hackers.

Nevertheless, the good news for you is that the sophistication and frequency of android enabled phones have been advanced and you can now secure your iPhone or android enabled phone from getting exposed to these unauthorized users and viruses.

Here are simple steps that you can use to protect your Android enabled phone against any mobile phone software threats.

1.  Download Apps Only from Trusted Sources

Basically, scammers use third party sites and sent you apps that when you download to your phone they will be able to get all your information. Therefore, you need to ignore these doggy third party sites and ensure that you only download apps from trusted sources. You need to visit the Apps market where you will get all the Apps that have been vetted by Google and download them through a manual process known as sideloading.

2.  Protect Your Phone with a Password

This is the simplest way of protecting your phone from scammers or from any spying eyes especially when you are in public places. You can protect your phone using a certain password or pin which will prompt any user to enter before getting access to the data in your phone. Furthermore, using a fingerprint lock or a certain swipe pattern code will be better because it protects your phone from analog hacking.

3.  Encrypt Your Data

The good news for you is that all android enabled devices are encrypted to protect your data from scammers. You need to go to the settings of your phone, click security then enabled the encryption where you will have to create an encryption password that you will use to protect your downloaded information, application data, Google accounts, and other data in your phone from being harvested by the eavesdropper especially when you are in unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots.

4.  Install OS Updates

The new versions of android enabled phones are more sophisticated, and their operating systems are more fragmented. This makes it hard for hackers to know the version that your phone can upgrade to. Therefore, you need to install the OS updates on your phone as soon as possible for it to be protected from any malicious apps from hackers who search for vulnerable android phones.

5.  Backup Your Data

It is always prudent for you to back up your phone data, downloads, settings, and contacts elsewhere. This will assist you when something happens to your phone because you will be in a good position of reclaiming or retrieving your information from the obscure service.

6. Don’t View Sensitive Information on Public Wi-Fi

Undoubtedly. Wi-Fi brings internet access to your doorsteps, but using unsecured Wi-Fi especially in the public puts your sensitive information to a risk of getting into the hands of hackers. Therefore, before browsing or sharing any information in Wi-Fi hotspots think twice of how sensitive the data is.

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