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How to Increase Disk Space Quota in WHM

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Are you using Reseller hosting for your own or customers website hosted? If so, sometimes you have to increase or decrease the hosting cpanel disk space quotas. But if you don’t have an idea, How to Increase Disk Space Quota in WHM then this article only for you.

What is Disk Space Quota on Cpanel?

The disk space quota is the entire quantity of hard drive space allocated on the server for an account. The disk space quota is often set in a package deal that’s assigned to the account when the account is created. Upgrading or downgrading the account to a different package deal that has a distinct disk space quota will alter the disk space quota routinely without having to undergo the steps on this tutorial.

Video tutorial:

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From your reseller WHM account, you can easily adjust the disk space quota for any of your customers’ cPanel accounts.

Here are the few steps you’ll need to follow :

First step: Login to your WHM account using yourdomain.com:2087

Increase Disk Space Quota in WHM

2nd steps: Click on the Account Functions tab

Increase Disk Quota From WHM

3rd steps: Click on the Quota Modification tab

Increasing Disk Space through WHM

4th Steps: Select the domain or the user of the cpanel account. Then click the Modify button.

How to Increase Disk Space Quota in WHM

5th Steps: Enter the new value (in megabytes). Suppose if you want to increase the disk space 1GB then enter 1024MB on the quota field. So 2GB will be 1024×2 = 2048MB. Then Click the Save Button.

Final Steps: Enjoy!

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