How to Install WordPress manually: step by Step guide for beginners 2020

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Install WordPress Manually: the ultimate guide

Step by step guide with exciting professional tips. Step by step, use this guide to create your first WordPress website and get off to a perfect start.

This is not a 5-minute tutorial, but a complete guide for every step. From preparation to design selection. In addition, you will receive tips and tricks from our team, from which otherwise only our customers benefit.

60% of those on websites with a content management system is based on WordPress. It is not without reason that it is the most popular content management system on the market. It is easy to install, expand and maintain. You have countless themes and plugins (approx. 60,000). You can use them to influence the design and functions of your website. It is also free. It is the perfect application to create your website.

Choose WordPress hosting or Your server

1. choose hoster

What is Web hosting?

Web hosting is the provision and management of web space on a web server. For example, you need web space for your website.  Your website files and database will storage inside the server. Various internet service providers offer web hosting at affordable prices. All of the hosting providers are support WordPress application. So you can purchase any shared, VPS and Reseller plan.

Who is providing the best web hosting?

There has a lot of web hosting suppliers in the world. But you should purchase a web host from a reliable and 100% secure company, who will protect your website files and data. When it comes to hosting, we differentiate between inexpensive hosts, e.g. for private individuals, and professional hosts for corporate websites. Web hosting for private WordPress websites, Cheap web host is not bad. They offer what you need to build a small website.

However, you have to do a lot yourself and if you have little technical know-how, you spend a lot of time with the support or have to hire a professional. WordPress hosting for commercial websites Professional web hosting means managed to host.

A lot of configuration work is done for you. Furthermore, service and performance are the strengths of managed hosting.

Recommended Web Host: Top 10 best web hosting providers

Security is very important to me.

Therefore I can highly recommend using A2 WordPress hosting. The server is located in Europe, America, Asia. Also, daily backups of the website and even every four hours of the database are made automatically.

I can also have a backup made at the push of a button. Very practical, shortly before I make adjustments to a customer website. “

2. Create database and FTP access

In this step, we are going to show you, how to create Database and FTP access. We show you these steps in an example WordPress hosting at A2hosting.

Create FTP Account

  • Login web hosting dashboard then goes to Cpanel or login Cpanel directly.

install WordPress manually

  • Now Click FTP Accounts Button

  • Then fillup all fields and Click Create FTP Account Button.

  • Successfully created an FTP account. Now you have the FTP login access.
FTP login access:

Host: ftp.yourdomain.com
User: help@yourdomain.com
pass: Test123
Port: 21
  • Go to the Filezilla-Project.org website, download the FileZilla Client and install it. FileZilla is a program with which you can access the FTP server. So you can load the WordPress data on your web server and then install it. For login FTP server, use the recently created FTP login access on Filezilla.

Create Database

  • Login web hosting dashboard then goes to Cpanel or login Cpanel directly.
  • Scroll down the Database section and Click MySQL database button

  • Type database name (test) and click the Create Database button

  • Now create Database User. Type the username and password then click Create User button.

  • Now add a user to the database ( select early created database name and user name)

  • Manage User Privileges: select ALL PRIVILEGES and click the Make Changes button.

  • Remind or save the database login access via notepad cause we need it again when we will install the WordPress. our database login access.
db name: clippin1_test
db User: clippin1_test
db pass: Test123

3. Install and set up WordPress

Download WordPress

  • On the website WordPress.org, You can download the latest version WordPress. This is the data that you will upload to your FTP server via FileZilla or Filemanager.

  • Now you will get the WordPress zip file. Extract the zip file on your pc. Save both files (zip and extract) on your computer.

You can upload files to use 2 aways, one is FTP and another one is Cpanel Filemanager.

Upload WordPress files


  • After you have downloaded the WordPress files, you have to unzip them. Now connect Filezilla to your FTP server. Do not drag the “WordPress” folder to your FTP, but open it and drag the files inside.
  • If you only want one website on a server, the path of the main domain should be on  /public_html (Root directory)

  • Please wait for few minutes until all files transferred successfully.

use Cpanel Filemanager

  • Login your hosting Cpanel
  • Scroll down and click the Filemanager tab
  • Go to the home/public_html directory (Root directory)
  • Now click the upload icon from the top menu and upload the WordPress file
  • After uploaded, extract the zip file.

If you found a WordPress folder on the public_html directory then go to the WordPress folder. Select all files then move them on root directory.

 Call up the domain

Now type your domain (yourdomain.com) on the browser then enter. If the window for the WordPress installation does not appear here, you have not referred the correct directory path to your domain host. Correct that and then continue at this point.

In area 1. the data are listed which are necessary for the installation. If you have not yet created a database, create it now and return to this point. As we have already created the database and we have the database login access so Click “ 2. ” to Let’s go button.

Connect database

Enter the database name, the user name and the selected password in area 1. In most cases, the bank host is “localhost”. If this is not the case with your hoster (such as with Strato), then ask your hoster.

Most of the time, the database host is where you can manage your databases with your host. Then enter any table prefix.

Click “Submit” to continue.

Run WordPress installation

If you have entered everything correctly, you will be rewarded with this message:

Click ” Run the Installation. ”

Enter website data ( Login Access and Website Title)

Select a title for the “Website title” that matches the website.

This title will later be displayed in the browser tabs and in the search results of the search engines. For security reasons, do not select “Admin” as the user name.

You have to write down the password. If you forget it, you have the possibility to use the “forgot password” function, which allows you to reset your password.

Use your valid email address then press Install WordPress button

Check WordPress installation


If you followed the previous steps correctly, WordPress is now installed on your server. You are now on the so-called dashboard of WordPress.

To return to your dashboard later, call up your domain with the attachment … /wp-admin . How to get to the backend and log in with your WordPress login data.

Example: www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin

user name and passwords are above screenshot

WordPress installed – so it goes on:

Choose WordPress Theme as the foundation of your website

After you have installed WordPress, the question now is which theme you want to use. With the WordPress installation, you have the choice of the standard themes, such as Twenty-Twenty. The choice of the right theme depends on your goals for your website project.

For example, if you want to build an online shop, you need a theme that supports woo commerce. In addition, if you have no programming knowledge, we recommend choosing a theme that brings a content builder with it.

Free Themes Download

Free or paid theme

Furthermore, you should consider using a paid theme.

The big advantage: The developers earn money with their themes and keep developing them. With free themes, it can always happen that the development is stopped and no more updates are published. This will make your website more insecure and there may be incompatibilities with further developed plugins.

Where can I find paid themes?

For paid themes, we recommend looking at Themeforest.net and the bestsellers.

We use the Enfold theme to build a WordPress website. With over 159,000 sales, it currently occupies the third place for those ordering on Themeforest.

Install important WordPress plugins

In addition to the theme, plugins expand your system by functions.

There are some plugins that we think should be part of every WordPress installation:

Contact Form 7 – To create contact forms yourself.

Yoast SEO – First steps to optimize your WordPress website on search engines.

W3 Total Cache – Caching is the first measure to increase the performance of your website.
Plugin download page

WooCommerce – The most popular shop plugin for WordPress.
Plugin download page

Akismet  – Akismet checks your comments and contact form submissions against our global database of spam to prevent your site from publishing malicious content. You can review the comment spam it catches on your blog’s “Comments” admin screen.

Make your WordPress website more secure

WordPress is an open-source system: errors and security gaps are posted by the community in public forums.

For this reason, it is important to protect your WordPress installation from attacks. In the worst case, your website will go offline as a result of a successful attack.

As a result, you no longer generate sales and Google will penalize you for offline time.

We highly recommend you to use the best security plugin for WordPress.

How Hackers can hack your website and How to Avoid It?


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