How Technology Improves Life

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What is Technology?

Technology is the usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts, systems, or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or serve the same purpose. Technology is always improving and giving people more idea’s to make the old inventions better and more useful for their community and the word. It helps improve our lives in various ways.

What’s technology

Types of technologies that improve our life:

Technology includes all the inventions that help us communicate and make our life easier. For instance, computers, the Internet, cell phone telephony, laptops, satellites, cable, etc. It also includes the invention of electricity and all those equipment that require it to function such as fridges, electric cookers, fans, iron boxes, washing machines, etc. All this has helped improve lives in our homes. Modern equipment that are been used in hospitals such as thermometers, syringes, x-ray machines, life support machines used in the intensive care unit are also good examples of those technologies that have improve life of patients today.  CCTV cameras have been used to promote security. The radio and television have been used as sources of entertainment

Ways in which technology improves our lives:


Learning has been made easier due to the introduction of long-distance teaching. Students can now be taught online irrespective of where they might be. The invention of computer software has made it possible. Improved simulation and models have assisted the teachers in demonstrating difficult concepts and most students that are visual learners.


Technology has also played a great role in improving life in hospitals. There are many technology-based equipment used by doctors to enhance their services. They include the ANETIC AID theatre equipment specialist, used by dentists to check teeth and see how healthy they are, couches and trolleys that help carry sick people who are badly injured and unconscious, x-ray machine, thermometer and many more.


It has become easy and fast to exchange information from one point to another. With telephones that allow instant phone calls, two people can communicate easily and instant feedback gotten. E-mails allow people to send and receive messages online at a relatively low price. The youth have also engaged in what we call non-stop communication through the social media networks like facebook, twitter, linked in and Skype.


With the development of CCTV cameras, it has been possible to track unauthorized persons in an organization. Supermarkets have also benefited since they can know easily track down those trying to steal from them.


Business is conducted online. Through e-commerce customers can buy and pay for goods online. Advertisement has been carried out through radio, television to create awareness of a product to consumers.


Technology has created inventions that entertain people. Radio and television are commonly used by people for entertainment purpose. They can watch and listen to programs of their choices. Animations and movies have been created to target the kids and adults too. They provide entertainment to many as well as leisure.

In conclusion, we can see that technology has greatly improved our lives positively by making life easier and affordable thereby increasing our standards of living.

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