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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog in 30 Minutes

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It doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity designer or just a hometown girl sharing her sewing creations – every blog has some room for improvement. Here are five free & easy ways that you can improve your blog in no time at all.

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog

1. Engage Your Readers

End your next blog post by posing a question to your readers. For example, if you are writing about the new line of stationery that you just printed, ask your readers which are their favorites and why. Also, encourage readers to help each other by posting questions from other readers, similar to the way Holly from decor8 does in her Reader Questions posts.

2. Show Us Your Face

Yeah, I know…no one likes photos of themselves. But don’t you love to see who is writing your favorite blogs? Isn’t is nice to put a face with the blogger? Guess what? Your readers feel the same way. So, suck it up and find a great photo of yourself for your “About Me” page. Who cares if it is from 10 years ago. We won’t know.


3. Add a Search Box

There have been many times when I visit a blog, and I am looking for a specific post. It isn’t fun to sift through pages and pages of archives, so the search box can be a real lifesaver. Some Blogger blogs have them at the top, but otherwise, you can use a WordPress default search bar that is coming from your theme. I like lijit because it allows you to include other websites in your search results. For example, if you have photos on flickr, you can configure your lijit search results to include your blog and text associated with your Flickr photos. Pretty damn cool. And super easy.

4. Unload the Unnecessary

Delete any sidebar items that don’t add value to your site. Get rid of the “Powered by Typepad” link. If you have more than 20 blogs on your blogroll, consider creating a separate page just for your favorite blogs. Don’t show “recent comments” in your sidebar, because they are usually difficult to understand since they are out of context.

5. Toot Your Own Horn

Maybe your posts for the last two weeks have been pretty lame. You were on vacation or were too busy to write quality posts. When a new reader visits your blog, make it easy for them to read your best posts, even if your most recent ones stink. Add a list on your sidebar called “Favorites” or “My Best Posts”. Pick four to six posts that best reflect your writing style. It’s okay to brag. We won’t think less of you.  Dave Navarro (not Carmen Electra’s ex) does an excellent job of horn-tooting on the upper-right column of this blog, Rock Your Day.

These shouldn’t take too long, right?  I would love to know if you used the advice in this post! Leave a comment if you use any of these tips.

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